Mum I wanna be a Djane this was at least 25 years ago !

And my Mum asked me : Why do you want to become a Djane and not a Piano player , or o music creator or an Advocate ? You have all the knowledge, the experience, and you are staring a new career .

My answer was : I wanna be a Djane to spread Love , Unity and good energy and do my own music, my my own style . I know it is difficult to understand cos actually my music is different, but someday this music will be part or our life it is an advanced music you will see !! . And I Am going to change Career, I will also Study Business Administration and whatever I will like to make my life happy.

If you don't do what you love, you will never be happy and that is the most important thing in life cos you only live once !

#dowhatyoulove #music #life #dj #study

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